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AFC Additional Assistant Referees gain further insights in third preparatory course

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
AFC Additional Asst Referees Course 2018

Kuala Lumpur; The third preparatory stage of the AFC Additional Assistant Referee (AAR) system will see 53 referees convening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday.

Previously, the referees participated in two courses, conducted in Doha and Kuala Lumpur, in March and August 2017 respectively.

The 53 elite match officials will undergo the four-day course, focused on reinforcing the concept, protocol and technique of the AAR system. 

International Football Association Board Technical Director David Elleray will present the participants with a first-hand overview of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system experiences from the recent 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. 

Additionally, Elleray will brief the referees on the latest amendments of the Laws of the Game.

The course format will concentrate on practical sessions, simulating real-match scenarios with the objective of strengthening teamwork among the referees, assistant referees and the additional assistant referees in terms of decision-making priority and communication.  

The AAR system was first introduced in Asia in the 2017 AFC Champions League Knockout Stages, where the system proved its efficacy in enhancing the decision-making process, achieving a 13 percent improvement rate when assessing incidents in and around the penalty area.

It was then followed by the national team level at the AFC U23 Championship China 2018 last January. The AARs successfully cooperated with the referees on an accuracy rate of 96 percent.

At the competition, a game-changing decision was made by the additional assistant referee in the semi-final match between Qatar and Vietnam. The AAR correctly identified that the ball had completely crossed the goal-line for Qatar's equalising goal.