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AFC Football Administration Certificate (FAC)

The annual edition of Football Administration Certificate (FAC) by the AFC aims to assist in developing a set of skills specific to football which is targeted for the future senior management of the AFC Member Associations (MAs). It is also a football management programme which will directly assist the MAs on having up-to-date management techniques and administration best practices.

The first edition of the certificate was scheduled from July 2016 to April 2017 and was made available to staff of the ten AFC MAs in the East Region. Participants have enrolled in a nine-month course consisting of three quarterly sessions with face-to-face seminars as well as distance (online) learning which are delivered in English. The AFC FAC will emphasize on six football core aspects such as the organisation of world football, strategic management, revenue generation, media and communications and events and operations management.

Participants will be appraised through a few criteria such as individual project work, group presentation and oral examination. Once the grading process is completed and finalized by the AFC and its academic partner, participants will be provided with an overall grade and will receive an award (pass / merit / distinction) during the final certificate session which will be held onĀ 13 April 2017.

Edition 2 and Edition 3 of the certificate programme will be commencing quarter 3 of 2017 and targeted for all AFC Member Associations. In contrast to edition 1, both the new editions will be centralised and running concurrently with more football core aspects to be covered in the sessions. Information and application form of both the editions will be communicated to all AFC Member Associations by end of April 2017.