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Club Licensing is a tool for both the development and benchmarking of professional football clubs.  Under the Club Licensing System clubs needs to comply with certain criteria to participate in National and/or AFC competitions. The AFC Club Licensing Unit makes sure that clubs are complying with the criteria and the MAs are rigorously implementing it as well as to implement the system in all AFC members associations.

By implementing Club Licensing System football clubs are benefitted by:-

  • Developing strong governance and organisational structures

  • Implementing stable financial management and reporting

  • Improving technical standards of coaches and clubs

  • Increasing reliability, credibility and integrity of the clubs and league

  • Promoting and continuously improving the standard of football

  • Engaging qualified coaches

  • Encouraging youth development

  • Improving infrastructure facilities

  • Improving the clubs’ administration, management and organisation.

  • Raising economic and financial standing of the clubs through effective marketing and commercial exploitation.