AFC Departments


The department’s mission is to engage, protect and assist all the AFC Member Associations and cooperate with FIFA, the Confederations and other stakeholders of the game to raise the standard of football and its governance across the continent.


This department comprises two units:
Member Associations International Relations

The objectives, roles and responsibilities can be described as follows:

i. To serve and strengthen our Members

  • Analyse, listen to and better understand our Members’ needs and be able to serve those needs

  • Raise the standard of football in all MAs irrespective of strength on and off the field

  • Help our Members comply with their obligations as part of the international regulatory framework, particularly in the areas of statutes and governance

  • Protect the interests of AFC Member Associations and help settle disputes amongst Members

  • Help our Members in their statutes revision process and Congresses

  • Conduct official communication with AFC Member Associations

  • Organize the General Secretary’s Induction Program

ii. To improve internal and external relations

  • Work on AFC Statutes and other Codes

  • Monitor AFC Members in FIFA and AFC Committees

  • Help prepare AFC Congresses and Confederation Meetings

  • Establish and develop working relations with FIFA, Confederations, Associations outside AFC and other international stakeholders

  • The AFC has MoUs with various stakeholders including FIFA, UEFA, Premier League and theGerman FA