AFC Departments


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The department’s mission is to manage and administer all refereeing matters in Asia efficiently and effectively with the cooperation of FIFA, the Confederations, Member Associations and stake holders of the game. The department’s vision is to lead the Asian Football Confederation in raising the standard of Asian Referees to be the benchmark in the world of Refereeing.


This department comprises of two sections that manages all AFC Refereeing matters related to Football (men & women), Futsal (men & women) and Beach soccer.


The Objectives roles and responsibilities can be summarised as follows:

Competition Operations

Manage all refereeing operational matters

  1. Proposals for appointment of Referees, Assistant Referees & Referee Assessor in all AFC Competitions
  2. Proposals for appointment of Referees, Assistant Referees & Referee Assessor in other Asian Competitions upon request
  3. Conduct Referee/Assistant Referee Assessments and take appropriate action.
  4. Conduct video assessments and maintain a record of Referee performances
  5. Provide Referee performance feedback to Member Associations when required.
  6. Study match reports and take appropriate action
  7. Provide advice/evidence on disciplinary matters related to matches
  8. Manage Recruitment of New AFC Referees
  9. Provide information for production of Referee Teaching Materials


Manage all Referee Education and Development activities for AFC Refereeing Officials

  1. Conduct Development Courses on Refereeing

  2. Maintain a record of all evaluations during educational programs

  3. Appointment of Referee Instructors for courses, workshops and seminars

  4. Selection and training of Referee Instructors and Assessors

  5. Young Referee Development Programme

  6. MA Referee Administration Development Programme

  7. Manage Online Referee Development Portal

  8. Production and distribution of Referee Teaching Materials

  9. Dissemination of information on latest developments in the Laws of The Game

  10. Dissemination of FIFA Teaching materials and guidelines

  11. Establish MA FIFA International Referee Registration Quotas

  12. Conduct surveys on MA referee development and administration.

  13. Support MAs in referee development programmes