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My UAE: The Qanun Player (Syria)

Abu Dhabi: As the eyes of the continent turn to the UAE in January, we explore the country through the eyes of expats from across Asia as the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 hits the 30 days to go mark.

Adib Nammour arrived to the UAE from Syria 14 years ago, and has since made it his permanent home. In the first episode of this series by Asian expats showcasing their adopted home, we discover Abu Dhabi in Nammour's own words.

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"Abu Dhabi is a wonderful city. People are kind, friendly and culture is a great aspect of the city. I enjoy the fact it is well organised, clean and developed overall.

"I like taking walks on the Corniche, and sometimes I go out to the desert just outside Abu Dhabi. I love going to Madinat Zayed. A calm and peaceful little desert town away from the city.

"I have lived here for 14 years, and I consider the UAE my second home. When I first moved here, I worked in business, then I switched careers and I am now a musician.

"I play the Qanun at a hospital in Abu Dhabi. I enjoy playing for the patients, their companions, the staff and everyone at the hospital. Through the music, they feel better psychologically before everything.

Shawarma is the number one street food in the city, you can get it almost anywhere across Abu Dhabi. No one should come to Abu Dhabi and not experience Shawarma.

There are a lot of Syrian restaurants in Abu Dhabi, my personal recommendation is Al Sultan Restaurant. It might not be the fanciest, but the food is really tasty and affordable.

I’m a big football fan. Sport is important for all Syrians; our national team has been doing great recently and I hope we can win as many matches and go far in January. It is very difficult to predict those games, but I will surely attend to support the team.

The UAE are an excellent team as well and I wish them the best of luck too. If Syria and the UAE are to face? I hope the better team wins, I will support fair play!"

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