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Garcia assures Japan will improve

Monday, February 12, 2018
Bruno Garcia-Japan Futsal Coach1

Taipei: Japan suffered heartbreak after losing 4-0 to champions Islamic Republic of Iran on Sunday, but head coach Bruno Garcia has vowed to return to the AFC Futsal Championship with an improved team.

Both teams were equally matched, but the East Asians conceded a goal a minute from the break and couldn’t recover as Iran struck three more after the break for a convincing win.

“Today we played face-to-face against Iran and in the first half, we followed our match plan, where they only scored in the final minute, caused one mistake we couldn’t avoid,” said the former Thai Son Nam FC coach.

“But in the second half, they scored again, but we still kept playing well. We had our chances, but didn’t score.

“The only difference today, compared to our other matches, was the efficiency. Efficiency is the most important thing in a match, and today, Iran were more efficient compared to Japan.

“There are definitely things that we have to improve from our end.

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“Some mistakes that we make against Iran, they were defensive mistakes. Against other teams might not be a problem, but with a team like Iran, they will take those chances to score.

“We will take note of our mistakes and we will come back again to earn more success.

“We need to increase our level, and we will do it. I assure you, we will do it.”

Garcia admitted that professional futsal players in Japan are veterans but said the Japan Football Association has a development programme to groom budding players.

“In the futsal clubs in Japan, the average age is too high, and we need to change that, where we are making the change first in the national team.

“We need to think of the next generation of the team.

“We have a very clear strategic plan, where we are looking to revitalise the national team with our youth.

“For example, in the 2017 Asian Indoor Games, the average age of our team there was 22.7-years-old. And we are now preparing players with short, medium and long-term plans.”