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AFC and MFF announce initiative to build new football pitch for students

Ulaanbaatar: Students at School No. 79 today received encouraging news after the Mongolian Football Federation (MFF) announced that they will build a new football pitch supported by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Dream Asia Foundation.

MFF President and AFC Vice President Ganbaatar Amgalanbaatar made the announcement at their Grassroots Football Day and thanked AFC President Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa for his support.

The idea to build a football pitch was mooted 12 months ago after tragedy struck School No. 79 when an 11-year-old male student tragically died when a goal post fell on him.

MFF President and AFC Vice-President said: “Last year, on this pitch, one little boy who loves football passed away right here because of the heavy goal post. It was very sad and a pity. I mentioned this to AFC President, His Excellency Shaikh Salman when he visited Mongolia. When he heard about that, he promised us that he will build a new standard pitch and new standard goal post. That’s why we are gathering here and kicking off this project.

“This is very important because this school is located at the western part of the city. It is not easy for children to go to the central of the city to play football because it is very far. There will be a new pitch in autumn and around 2,000 students can play football here and not in the city. We have to remember the little boy. This is a very important project.”

AFC Social Responsibility and The School 79 Project

Apart from the new pitch, the AFC Dream Asia Foundation will also donate 50 pairs of goal posts which will be installed around Mongolia.

“Almost every where in Mongolia there’s no good standard pitch or goal post but thanks to AFC again, we are receiving 50 pairs of goal post. We will distribute not only in Ulaanbaatar schools but also in other provinces. We must always ensure the safety of our children when playing football,” added Amgalanbaatar.

School No. 79 Director Dugarmaa Urantsog said the new pitch will have a huge impact for the students and the community around the school.

“The importance of this pitch is really endless. At School No. 79 we have 2,300 students so even with one pitch, the schedule will be full. Previously, our school had a good history in football. We successfully participated in youth tournaments of Mongolian Football Federation.

“Now we believe with the new pitch, the number of children who plays football will increase. The success of our teams will increase as well. Our school is also surrounded by many citizens who would like to spend their free time playing football so we can cooperate with the local government to organise different events and activities.”