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AFC Football Emergency Medicine and Anti-Doping Course launched in Bishkek

Monday, July 15, 2019
AFC Football Emergency Medicine and Anti-Doping Course launched in Bishkek

Bishkek: Doctors and sports physiotherapist graced the launch of The Asian Football Confederation Emergency Medicine and Anti-Doping Course at Golden Dragon Hotel and Kyrgyz Republic Football Federation (FFKR) training field in the Kyrgyz Republic on Monday.

The three-day course will run from July 15-17 and will see the 26 participants undergo theoretical and practical sessions that will focus on evidence-based sports medicine topics.

The course is part of the AFC President’s Development initiative which aims to strengthen the capabilities of Member Associations in the various aspects of football development, in particular, the protection and care of the health of football players so that they can always perform at the optimum level.

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Deputy General Secretary Nurdin Bukuev and Technical Director Anarbek Ormombekov were the representatives from Kyrgyz Republic Football Federation.

“This is the first time we have conducted this course with the AFC. Sports medicine is a very important part of development that we would like to focus on. Taking care of the players' health is an important area to prevent injuries as they must be healthy to perform well,” said Mr. Bukuev.

Lending their expertise for the duration of the programme are experienced team physician, AFC, FIFA medical officer and instructor Prof. Shane Brun from Australia (pictured above) and AFC Medical Officer and instructor Dr. Roy Arya from India.

Prof. Brun is an emergency medicine physician, while Dr. Arya is an orthopedic surgeon who has also served as a team doctor for the Indian national team.

The group will learn on-pitch emergency medicine subjects such as management of sudden cardiac arrest, head concussion and musculo-skeletal injuries - which is hands-on training as well as AFC policies and guidelines on medical care and anti-doping matters.

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