AFC Match Commissioner Seminar 2018 wraps up in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur: The AFC Match Commissioner (MC) Seminar 2018 concluded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday.

82 MCs from Asia’s Member Associations are attending the three-day course which aims to provide them with the latest updates and tools for success in upcoming AFC competitions in 2018.

Shin Mangil, the AFC Competitions Director, welcomed the delegates and acknowledged their endeavours, saying: “As AFC Match Commissioners, everyone of you here has a key role to play. And each year we set out to reach new benchmarks and milestones, with the aim to outshine the previous year.

“The AFC competitions have grown in scale, quality and stature in recent years and today, few continental football competitions can match our flagship events. I would like to thank you for your commitment to excellence and continued support. I am confident that we will elevate the AFC competitions in the coming years.”

Shin kicked-off the seminar with a presentation on the AFC structure, issues, challenges, proposed plan for 2018 and development throughout Asia.

FIFA Head of Qualifiers & International Matches Gordon Savic presented on the subject of a FIFA MC in a Qualifiers’ Environment, before Oliver Vogt, FIFA Head of Competition Services, touched on the subject of FIFA MCs at Final Tournaments. Both of them specified on FIFA’s requirements and expectations of an MC before, during and after a match, which differs slightly from the qualifiers to the final tournament.

Practical sessions were held at the Shah Alam Stadium as an on-the-job training to simulate a tournament to better prepare the MCs. Throughout the seminar, the participants analysed various case studies to further strengthen the MCs confidence in dealing with various scenarios.

The MCs also benefited from the topics of competitions, security, marketing, media and disciplinary matters led by AFC representatives, which will assist in building their knowledge and an overall awareness of an AFC competition.

Computing match and incident reports is a vital role and responsibility of an MC, hence, on the final day, the participants will undergo English written and AFC Administration System tests, to assist their development.

Photos: AFC