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AFC Referee Assessors Seminar 2019 gets underway

Kuala Lumpur: Referee assessors and instructors gathered for a two-day AFC Referee Assessors Seminar which started on Thursday in the Malaysian capital. 

The seminar will see assessors and instructors participate in various exercises focusing on reviewing and updating their knowledge of the referee assessment curriculum.

The seminar will also focus on developing a more accurate and consistent assessment in 2019 while emphasising on new trends in refereeing such as the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, which marked its debut in the AFC competitions last month during the quarter-finals of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019.

AFC Referees Committee Deputy Chairperson, Hany Taleb B S Al-Raeesi hailed the impact of assessors and instructors in his opening speech, saying their contributions have been valuable in ensuring Asian refereeing continues to take its place as one of the leaders in world football.

“Your role is crucial as assessors or as instructors. You are preparing for the most important product in the AFC. We have just concluded two important competitions, the Women’s and Men’s AFC Asian Cup and the referees will not have performed at their top level without your input, honesty, detailed evaluation and assessment.

“You determine the future of our referees. Your role as instructors is very important and there are more demands in football and in our referees. The bar is always rising higher and higher and in this seminar, we will improve ourselves by introducing a new assessment report and tackle new approaches like the VAR. We have to be ready and adapt to different situations we encounter because the AFC is moving very quickly.”

New assessors will also be briefed on their roles and responsibilities and their slot in the Assessors Panel will be confirmed based on their English, reporting skills, role playing assessment and their knowledge in the assessor software.

Fernando Tresaco from Spain and David Elleray, Technical Director of the International Football Association Board are among the speakers for the seminar.