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AFC Safety and Security Seminar 2019/2020 concludes in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur: Safety and security officers from Member Associations across Asia benefitted from the latest AFC Safety and Security Seminar, which concluded on Friday.

The two-day seminar held at the AFC House was officially opened by AFC Competitions and Football Events Division Director Shin Man Gil, who said: “It is the AFC’s Vision and Mission to improve the quality of our competitions and ensure that football remains the number one sport in Asia.

“And the duty is on us to ensure that safety is paramount - in the league, international matches or AFC competitions in your Member Association - for our passionate fans to have an enjoyable experience.

“There can be no compromise in safety and security, the responsibility is on us all. And the AFC is here to work together with all of you to provide the proper tools and knowledge to strengthen your security measures.

“The real-life case studies which will be presented to you is essential in your line of work. This seminar is also a great avenue for you to learn and share your knowledge with peers.”

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The 58 security officers then began examining the roles and responsibilities of a security officer, as well as the regulations and operations manual that is meant to assist with the process of establishing safety.

There was also a panel discussion that invited the participants to share their past experiences and challenges based on selected topics of relevance, followed by a group discussion, where they dissected various case studies on challenging match situations or incidents.

United Arab Emirates Football Association Security Officer Lt. Colonel Fahad Al Hosani said: “Firstly, I want to thank the AFC for conducting this great seminar, as it provided various knowledge and information that is very needed and helpful.”

On the second day, UEFA representative Marc Tammer spoke on the UEFA Competitions Incidents Review, which greatly benefitted the participants as they learned on how their European counterparts tackle football-related violence and disorder, before ending the seminar with a feedback session.

Ahmed Shamoon, the Acting Head of Installation Security Unit in the Maldives Police Service, said the seminar provided an opportunity to meet and learn from his Security Officer colleagues from across Asia.

“One of the best things in these two days was that we were made aware of all the different issues faced in football security, and it was good that we were kept up to date with it,” Shamoon said.

“We got to hear things from UEFA, and even about local leagues in other countries, which was great exposure. It also made us think of the areas for improvement as we look to the future.”

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