Club Licensing

Chinese FA right on track with Club Licensing Regulation implementation

Guangzhou: The Chinese Football Association (CFA) took a huge leap forward in Club Licensing Regulation with the conclusion of the 2019 CFA Club Licensing Workshop for its affiliated clubs.

Held in early April, the workshop was conducted in conjunction with the inauguration of the CFA Club Licensing Administration IT System, with representatives from the AFC, FIFA and all clubs from professional leagues under the CFA.

CFA Vice President Li Yuyi, who gave the opening mobilisation speech, outlined the five goals to be achieved through the implementation of club licensing regulation.

“(1) Chinese Super League should strive to become leading leagues in Asia;
(2) Endeavour to strengthen club development to make all leagues more professional, to promote the performance of the national team;
(3) Establish development structures of youth players with clear progressive pathways by local and international way as well as school involvement.
(4) Solidify and improve collective consultation mechanism in football area to promote transparency and integrity of all clubs; and
(5) To have well-educated, qualified and skilled club officials to run the club operations.”

The workshop also covered important topics such as development plans of clubs until 2021, club licensing processes, criteria requirements and important deadlines for the 2019 club licensing cycle. By the 2020 club licensing cycle, all clubs which compete in super league should have a women’s football team.

The CFA Club Licensing Manager, Qiao Daihu, then stressed on the finer details of the financial requirements and compliance to the CFA Financial Control Regulation which was introduced in December 2018.