Chinese Taipei, Timor-Leste awarded Bronze membership

Kuala Lumpur: Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) and Federacao Futebol Timor-Leste (FFTL) have been awarded the AFC Grassroots Charter Bronze membership for their dedication and promise in developing grassroots football.

Chinese Taipei Football Association

CTFA’s grassroots efforts are carried out based on their CTFA Grassroots Plan, which includes a wide range of programmes and activities that focus on professional football, international activities, domestic contests, talent cultivation, promotion of local football and the building of football fields.

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Led by CTFA Technical Director Yen Shih-Kai and Grassroots Manager Leon Cheng, 26 regional associations have organised activities for over 23,000 players, with 10 grassroots training centres erected across the country. 

CTFA also organises regulation competitions for youths of different ages, such as the Grassroots FA Cup, Taiwan Youth League, Adolescent Cup and Youth Cup, with a total 993 teams registered.

In March, CTFA held the 2019 AFC Women’s Football Day in three cities with local women’s football clubs to further promote and develop the sport.

Federacao Futebol TImor-Leste

FFTL has a Football Development Plan for 2019-2022 laid out that aims to give opportunities to all communities and children

Their philosophy is centred around football as a fun sport played by all, regardless of religion, ethnic or social background, that includes children as young as six-years-old.

One of FFTL’s main areas of growth is through four football centres located across the country, that has seen 1,450 players involved. 

Youth and grassroots competitions have been organised at the U-14 level, with plans to upscale and provide more opportunities to other age groups in the future.

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