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Insightful AFC Fitness Coaching Tutors Course concludes

Friday, September 20, 2019
AFC Fitness Coaching Tutors Course

Kuala Lumpur: Fitness coaching tutors and fitness coaches from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Member Associations benefitted from the four-day AFC Fitness Coaching Tutors Course which concluded on Friday.

The programme, led by FIFA, UEFA & AFC Fitness Instructor Magni Mohr, saw participants from 32 Member Associations attending the course which focused on topics on how to improve the fitness of footballers through training and nutrition.

With the ever-evolving fitness trend in football, the AFC Fitness Coaching Tutors Course was an opportunity for fitness coaching tutors and fitness coaches to listen from experts and learn from the latest research on football fitness while also exchanging ideas with peers.

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Reuben Jude Balraj, the conditioning coach for the U-18 and U-23 Malaysian national team, said the course was immensely beneficial to help Asian footballers reach higher levels of improved fitness.

“There are always new things to learn and participants shared a lot of information and ideas among MAs. It was eye-opening when Magni Mohr shared new studies and research with us. That was really helpful and informative.

“Football fitness is evolving every second and in Asia, we travel to different countries with different climates and time difference. And each player is unique when it comes to fitness so this course helped us gain more knowledge,” said Balraj.

Sanjoy Kumar Dey head coach Rainbow Football Club in India added that the course gave him a better understanding on how to develop a robust fitness plan.

“We discussed on power training and how to implement this. Rest is also equally important and how much rest a player needs to recover. This course talked about this and other useful topics so it was very informative to us,” said Dey.