Member Association Development

New AFC President’s Initiative structure building strong foundations across the continent

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kuala Lumpur: The hugely successful Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President’s initiatives, which were consolidated into two broader programmes in October last year – the AFC President’s Infrastructure Initiative and the AFC President’s Development Initiative – have been well-received and continues to enhance the strategic and alignment capabilities and the long-term development plans of the AFC Member Associations.

The Infrastructure Initiative, comprising two components – the mini-pitches and other infrastructure projects – will be inaugurated in Mongolia with the construction of three mini-pitches in the Darkhan-Uul and Khovd provinces scheduled to begin in April this year, after the materials were successfully shipped to the East Asian nation this month.

Mongolia Football Federation (MFF) General Secretary Shijir Ulziikhuu said: “The MFF recognises the importance of providing quality infrastructure and facilities for football development to thrive and I would like to thank the AFC for its commitment to develop the game here in Mongolia.

“We are confident that the mini-pitches through this AFC President’s Infrastructure Initiative will play a crucial role in developing our youth teams and ultimately inspire tomorrow’s generations of players and fans to develop a lifelong passion for the game.”


Similarly, the President’s Development Initiative (PDI), which replaces the League Development Programme, Expert Pool, Competition Fund, Live Streaming Platform and Competition Management System, is also beginning to lay the foundations to create a lasting impact on Member Associations.

In the first quarter of 2018, the AFC will engage and conduct a series of workshop missions in 10 Member Associations across the five zones with the key aim to identify and refine the main areas of focus under each MA’s strategic plan.

In addition, the Development Initiative missions will also include establishing tailor-made plans for each Member Association’s through the identification of Core Development Goals (CDG), which comprises key administrative areas such as financial management, legal issues, human resource management, media and communications and commercial matters.

The AFC will also organise a series of PDI related workshops which include two seminars for match commissioners in Singapore and in the Philippines, where a CDG exercise and a Club Marketing and Sponsorship Workshop will also take place from January to March 2018. 

A meeting for the AFC Financial Assistance Progamme Central Auditors and a consultant workshop on the CDG are also in the process of being organised and are scheduled to take place in February and March 2018 respectively.