Coach Education

Ninth AFC Coach Education Panel Meeting concludes

Kuala Lumpur: The AFC Coach Education Panel convened for its ninth meeting at the Malaysian capital on Tuesday. 

12 Member Association representatives who were in attendance, deliberated on key issues of the AFC Coaching Convention and its implementation with the aim of increasing Member Associations (MAs) endorsements.

Coach Education influences all aspects of development and it impacts on the quality of the game. MA programmes provide an opportunity for tomorrow’s coaches to learn and to develop.

At the meeting, 23 new applications for the Convention were acknowledged, and the panel members were appointed to begin the evaluation process.

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AFC Technical Director Andy Roxburgh led the panel meeting and highlighted the role of competent coaches who identify, educate and motivate players and build successful teams.

“Participation in the AFC Coaching Convention supports cross-border movements among the MAs and this is an added bonus. But the real challenge lies with the MAs to continue to develop and be accountable for their own programmes using AFC guidelines and support,” said Roxburgh.

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