Proven G&Y tests for MAs

Kuala Lumpur: AFC Grassroots Development Officer Dr. Shamil Kamil has called on member associations to adopt the AFC Basic Skills Tests tailor-made for Asian players.

Speaking at a symposium at the 4th AFC Conference 2011 on Science and Football Medicine taking place here on 18-20 March 2011, Dr. Kamil said:

“The tests have been scientifically studied and validated by a group of experts from the AFC’s Grassroots and Youth and Education Departments.

“The current testing practised in many Asian countries is not customised and uniformed according to the ability of grassroots players and more importantly there are no standard norms or analysis of collected data. These recommended tests should be able to address this issue,” he said.

The Iraqi physical fitness expert has said tests and measurements are the basis of evaluation and no training programme can gain professional acceptance or public respect without them.

“The proper use of tests, measurements and evaluation of football skills analysis programmes provides vital advantages in the teaching, coaching and learning process in grassroots football.

“AFC started implementing the five football skills tests on juggling, dribbling, passing, long passing and shooting as part of the AFC U-14 Festival of Football in 2004,” he said.

“The first revision was made to the tests in 2007 and in 2009 AFC Grassroots and Youth Department decided to revise the tests once more to be closer to the reality of the football game,” added Dr. Kamil.