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Wu Lei vows to soldier on despite Espanyol disappointment

Barcelona: China PR star Wu Lei has taken Espanyol's relegation from Spain's top flight in his stride, with the striker vowing to soldier.

Espanyol were defeated 1-0 by Barcelona in their La Liga tie on Wednesday, a result which confirmed their relegation.

While disappointed at the turn of events, Wu Lei – who joined the Spanish side in January 2019, said he would continue working hard to realise his dreams.

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"There are many kinds of success. Perseverance, regardless of victory or defeat, is also a kind of success," said Wu Lei on his official Wechat account.

"For me, the meaning of football is more than winning and losing, it's also about love and pursuit of dreams.

"I remember one of my friends once said 'Success in life is temporary, and failure is the main theme, but how to face failure has divided people into different ways.'"

"Most people will discuss if I will stay or leave RCD Espanyol. But for me, I think more about the football atmosphere and environment of the team. As long as the environment is good, I believe that the difficulties are just temporary.

"I believe that as long as my original intention has not changed, I will never lose my way.

"Only by maintaining the strength of moving forward can we take every next step. Maybe my dream is not perfect, but fortunately, my dream continues."

Espanyol's fate was sealed as Luis Suarez's goal gave Barcelona the winner in a a pivotal Catalan derby on Wednesday.

The defeat left Espanyol on 24 points with three matches remaining and with no hope of climbing out of the relegation zone.

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